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Senior Portait


HwB wants you to have the best senior portrait experience possible!

The more comfortable you are the BETTER your photos look.  Check out the FAQ's below or CALL US TODAY!  Our year-round full-time customer service team is here to assist you.

Senior Frequently Asked Questions


How do I make a senior appointment?

1).  Click the Book Now button
2) Select your desired location from the list or select "No Preference" to see all available appointments
4) Pick your date and time from the options that work best for you

-- Don't see what you are looking for? or Is your desired location booked?  - Register on our wait list!


Can I bring more than one outfit?

Each session allows for only one outfit.  If you would like to change your clothes then simply book two sessions back-to-back.  Some locations have limited changing facilities so if you have questions please call us and we can offer recommendations on locations.  Or simply book two sessions on two different days and even in two different locations! 

There is NO limit to the number of sessions you can book!


Can I order online?

YES!  HwB encourages online ordering.


Must I pay for my portraits when booking my session?

NO!  You only pay for your session at the time of booking.  If you choose to order you can do that from the comfort of you home on your time.  HwB has NO HIGH PRESSURE SALES!  Your student won't have a photographer talk about packages or money ever!


What if I don't like my photos from my session?

HwB stands behind our "No Worry Guarantee" - You can retake your session for no charge.


Will blemishes that are on the proofs show up on my portraits?

No. We will retouch your photos to remove pimples and blemishes, and to soften harsh lines.

Note: 5 o’clock shadows cannot be removed.


When will I receive my order?

Orders are generally shipped in 4-6 weeks. If you need your order before this time, please add a $39.95 rush fee.

Your order will be shipped in two weeks.


May I copy my images?

In accordance with Federal copyright law, all images are the property of Hockmeyer with Barksdale. It is illegal to copy or reproduce your portraits anywhere else. However, if you purchase a Senior Portrait High-Res image, it comes with a photo release form. This will give you the rights to print copies of your portraits anywhere, any time.


When is my yearbook pose selection due?

 Call our office or, email your selection to cs@hockstudio.com


What pose must I choose for my yearbook selection?

Each school has their own specific yearbook requirements.  If you aren't sure about your schools please contact us and we will help to assist you.  There are a few general restrictions that include NO PROPS, ANIMALS, or "BUDDY" photos.


What if I have more questions?

Contact our friendly Customer Service representatives at 978.388.9832, 603.974.0198, 207.692.0080

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